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  • mtDNA matches quantity

    I apologize for my lack of understanding right off the bat. I have tried to find an explanation on line, no luck, so was wondering if someone could explain my confusion. When I look at my matches for mtDNA I have 195 matches for HVR1, and have 52 matches for HVR1,HVR2. The numbers don't add up for me, unless I am looking at this totally wrong. If I have 195 with just HVR1, shouldn't the number of matches increase when I add HVR2 to that..........not go down by 143?

    Thanks for any help on this.

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    Some of your 195 matches at the HVR1 level do not match the added bases at the HRV2 level. Here is a simple map of the mitochondrial regions:
    • HRV1 tests the bases from 16001-16569.
    • HRV2 tests the bases from 1-574.
    • The control region (mt Full Sequence test) tests both of the above, along with the Coding region, for all of the 16,569 bases.

    So, your HVR1 matches cover 569 bases. The HRV2 bases are additional, and some of your HVR1 matches do not match in that area. Only 52 of your HVR1 matches continue to match you at these added bases.
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