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Can I attach my mtDNA results to my brother's account?

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  • Can I attach my mtDNA results to my brother's account?

    I control my brother's DNA Family Finder and YDNA results. I have performed the mtDNA test on my own DNA sample, can i attach the haplogroup results to my brother's account? Is there value in so doing? Does it help find even closer matches for my brother?

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    No, you can't have your result for mtDNA attached to his account so it would show in his myFTDNA Dashboard, or when he shows up as a match to someone. FTDNA requires that he would need to test his mtDNA, for it to show in those places.

    The only workaround I've used for my own siblings is to add it to the "About Me" area of the person's profile information: Account Settings > Personal Profile Settings > Personal Information > My Story (field). This is where I put GedMatch numbers, also. If a match is at all interested, they should see the haplogroup when they view the profile. I put it in a note that says that the haplogroup is based on my mtDNA test, as a full sibling to that person.

    I would add that so far I haven't had anyone contact me, as a Family Finder match to one of my siblings, who mentioned the haplogroup connection. And, I haven't had anyone contact me based on my mtDNA test results, either - still waiting!
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