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  • You have to share your complete tree

    Interesting, that so many folks here are not willing to share there ancestry. The only way for DNA genealogy to work is if you share your family tree including you and your parents. This has to be up front in the instructions here.

    I have my complete (as I can get it, back 8 generations) posted on Wikitree, I have some success in getting my match people to look at it to see where we share an ancestor. But it seems no one is willing to share there info. I hear back that yes we have a common ancestor who is X, but then they terminate the contact, I need to know the path back down to them. To be able to confirm and to triangulate to others.

    This seems to be useless.

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    Complete trees

    You might as well be talking to a stump. This has been a bone of contention ever since the forum was created. There are a lot of selfish people out there. I started way back in 1971 researching my family roots and have shared my work with many many others. A few are appreciative, but most take what you give them and run, sharing nothing. Now I am more reserved with whom I share my information. I do have an abbreviated tree on FamlyTreeDNA showing direct ancestors as far back as I can go. I have several trees on with a lot more detail. For our purposes on Family Finder DNA I would rather see an abbreviated tree without all the other brothers and sisters out there. The main reason is that it is very difficult to view trees on Family Finder. This has been brought up many times too, but the powers that be, do nothing to really improve their site - all they do is make it different - not better.
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      The old pedigree tree that people were able to look at quickly here at FTDNA was much better than the awkward cumbersome tree that is here now. Especially when you are looking at a tree that you have no known surnames to search for. I've only put a minimal pedigree tree up here, while my more developed tree that I use for searching etc. is over at Ancestry.

      A number of people have trees, but because they don't want to really work on more than one they find a program or site that has a more user friendly tree than FTDNA.

      As to people not sharing information, well, part of that is the fact that some of us are looking for different things in genealogy. I'm not looking to find every single person that I share DNA with or feel any need to put every distant cousin on my tree. Anymore than I want to end up on their trees.

      So if we share a common ancestor great, I might even make note of it on my tree and that's all I'm concerned about. Some of my lines are very well documented and really connected with DNA, so I don't even bother with them anymore. I come across a match, "Oh, another Currence, that's nice." and that's it. Too many matches and not enough time.


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        Sharing trees

        Its much better to share on Wikitree, it is all free, and no one has to join to be able to see it. I refuse to pay anything to They have stolen soo much that was on the web and now charge for it, that and all the fake connections that they have. There in it only for the $$$.


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          Wikitree or any other one family type of tree with everyone contributing wouldn't be a choice for me when it comes to building a tree. I'll keep my errors to myself on my tree and not contend with other peoples errors as well.

          The stitching together of various "facts" on the One World Tree was why Ancestry discontinued that type of a tree build. As the saying goes "Too many cooks spoil the broth".


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            Family Finder DNA

            I Think that what the original poster was requesting was just a little background about your ancestry, with just a few names of your parents, grand parents and great-grandparents or as much as you can remember or contribute. They were not asking you to divulge you entire pedigree. Keep it to your self, if that is what you want. The thing that bothers some of us who are trying to connect a broken branch is just a little hint of who you are. We don't want to make friends with you, we don't want to ever talk to you if you don't wish to. I don't care whether you approve of Ancestry or Heritage or any other place where tree are presented. Use what you can and discard the rest, but It will not break your arm to type in a few names. But as I said, I am talking to a bunch of stumps, who can't seem to understand how using DNA to find missing ancestors is what some of use paid money to family finder in the first place.


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              I have been on Wikitree for almost a year, and I have been very impressed with the folks there now. (everything requires sources) I have a number of family names that I have researched for over 30 years, and have actually captured ALL the info available (anywhere on the web) and sorted it out and built there trees. I am in the process of placing all that info on Wiki. I had all of my data up on Roots web for anyone who wanted it (with sources). In 2005 all my info was stolen by Ancestry, and incorporated into there dbase. I have never paid (other than obtaining original BC, MC, and DC from counties) for genealogical info.

              I would love to see everyone place there info on Wiki and put Ancestry out of business. OK I know that will not happen, but maybe just maybe for the folks that I have researched, there will be no need for people to use Ancestry.


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                I think a lot of people can get annoyed with others who are doing family trees and just adding any old name to their tree. When I first put my main tree up at Ancestry, I ended up being stuck on several trees that I didn't belong on. One tree owner used my 2nd great grandfather's information and claimed his was my father's cousin. No he wasn't, it was a case of two men, living in two different counties in VA, married to two different women and between them, they had 32 children. His ggg whatever just shared the same name and about the same birth year as my GGG grandfather. I never could convince this tree owner, even with the records stuck in his face, that he'd made a mistake on his tree. Of course, with over 40,000 people on his tree, I shouldn't wonder that he has errors. But people use his tree and copy from it. One man, with 2 wives, in 2 different counties, and 32 children. You think someone would question his information. But no!

                I, then, made my tree private, and only use a barebones pedigree tree with DOB/place, Marriage date/place and DOD/place. I don't bother putting on my resources or any other information. If someone asks then I'll answer. As to sharing info about myself or my parents on any tree, which the OP asks for? That's private.