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  • No HVR1, HVR2, Empty Matches Map

    It's a bit sad actually when you spend the money to take the MtDna full sequence test, wait a few months anticipating your results, then when those results come back.....nothing.

    I have 5 fellow U5b2a1- ers who are a genetic distance of 3 away, but am I correct in thinking that these folks are very very distant relations and unlikely to be helpful in breaking through some genealogy brick walls?

    And, would someone please help me understand this coding region info? It appears that I have one match in the 4246 individuals tested in Ireland which is less than one tenth of the tested population in Ireland? Or is this one match someone of the five in my coding region results?

    Country Match Total Country Total%
    Ireland 1 4246 < 0.1 %
    Scotland 1 2161 < 0.1 %

    If someone could explain in a "dummies" format the difference between that haplogroup and coding region I'd be very grateful. To me, they seem like the same thing.

    Thanks for reading this,


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    Hi Judy. I have a similar problem with my U5b2b2. My line must be almost extinct. Anyway, U5b2.... is pretty sure to be western European in origin, and a good chance of Scandinavian since Viking times. I hope you have joined the U5 project by now. Cheers!


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      I feel your pain! Yes, I did join the projects and will cross my fingers for matches in the future.


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        OOPS! I meant to type U5b2a6


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          The problem with mtDNA FMS matches has been fixed, and match lists will be updated over the next few days. Most people should see an increase in the number of exact or close FMS matches.