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GD3 for Mother and Son after Full mtDNA Sequence

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  • GD3 for Mother and Son after Full mtDNA Sequence

    Hi, I've done a FMS for my mother and I, the reported haplogroup for both is L3e2a1b1, but in the list of matches our Genetic Distance (GD) is reported as 3. I am her only match, while I've got few more matches, out of which one is reported with a GD of 2.

    While reviewing the RSRS results, the only noticeable difference is in the extra mutations, for her there are 10, while mine are 7. The different ones are C146T C152T C16189T.

    I suppose that the difference in extra mutations is causing FTDNA to report a GD of 3, hence this post to the forum.

    Thanks in advance for your help and time to comment

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    Do yours or your mothers results show an heteroplasmy?

    What is a heteroplasmy?


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      Hi thanks for sharing the resources to find out about heteroplasmy, which if I understood correctly, then there are no indications suggesting it. However to validate it, I've sent the results to my cousin who happens to be a geneticist.

      I will post his comments on this forum, once I get them.

      Thanks again for replying


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        Update as of 8-Feb - So according to my cousin, the results are fine and do not show heteroplasmy, therefore FTDNA should not be reporting a Genetic Distance of 3 between the two kits (mother and son).

        FTDNA customer support confirmed, on 28-Jan, that it seems an error in their system, but there is no estimate for a fix to it.

        Best as usual to all.