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mtdna current wait time?

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  • mtdna current wait time?

    I ordered and sent in my mtdna full sequence test about 2 weeks ago. I was wondering what the current average wait time is and why they don't have any way of telling whether they received the test or not. I also thought I read something on the forums here a while ago about being given a batch number, but I see nothing of that anywhere either.

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    On the left side of your kits homepage, under Order History, click on Complete order History.

    This will give you the status of kit on whether or not kit is received by lab, batched, ect.

    Currently they don't have timeframe posted for mtDNA tests


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      Thank you for the reply, I see it now. Just says ordered, guess will take a while longer for them to put it as received.


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        It took mine about two weeks after I sent mine back before I got an e-mail saying they received it and told me the batch number.