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    I did a Family Finder test and the basic MtDNA which gave my haplogroup as H.

    I'd hoped that if I ran 'Advanced Matching' and ticked both MtDNA and FF boxes, the result may well be a clue as to which FF matches might be of my mother's mother's etc family.

    Trouble is, there isn't an 'H' box, only HVR1 and 2. I tried using the HVR1 box which returned 9 matches. My question is, do I need to take an advanced MtDNA test to use Advanced Search? and do the matches suggest that relationships are through my maternal line?

    Hoping someone can help.

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    First with just an H result there are hundreds of groups below H. And H is probably the most common haplogroup so an H in FF really does not indicate the maternal line.

    You may want to an FGS and find out which if the hundreds of subgroups below H. Obviously if you are comparing only has H then the FGS does not help, but it would eliminate many who have done more than the basic mtdna test.

    To answer your question there is no unique H checkbox. You'll need to use HVR1 and HVR2. You can click on the haplogroup results and it will sort by haplogroup.


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      If you are looking for your maternal lineage then you need to do the FMS (FGS) test, this will give you:
      1) your exact mitochondrial haplogroup sub-clade
      2) your complete mitochondrial polymorphisms (mutations) that define the maternal line

      I too am mitochondrial haplogroup H, as thetick says this is probably the most common European group:
      at HVR1 level I have 9164 "matches"
      at HVR2 level I have 1382 "matches"

      The FMS puts me into the sub-clade H23 and this does change the results:
      at HVR1 I still get 9164 "matches" but only 27 are haplogroup H23 (because most have not done the FMS, which defines their actual sub-clade)
      at HVR2 I still get 1382 "matches" of which 21 are haplogroup H23
      at FMS level I have only 1 match - my mother (we have the exact same polymorphisms, whereas the other H23's do not)

      There is no haplogroup "checkbox", I have to "sort" the results by clicking on the haplogroup title at the top of the results column (that does get a little annoying at times).

      The 21 HVR2 results may be of my direct maternal line, but it is unlikely, unless my lineage mutations have occurred within the timeframe. At this level the estimated timeframe is 28 generations (about 700 years). This is where the good old fashioned paper trail comes in, but tracing female surnames can be difficult.

      IMO combining mtDNA with FF will not help narrow down your exact maternal lineage, the FF tests autosomal (nuclear) DNA and will be a mixture of all ancestral lines.