I recently received my mtDNA results from a mtFullSequence test I had done here at FTDNA. I’ve compared those results to my 23andMe Complete Edition results. I’m surprised by the number of discrepancies. To my eyes, most of the discrepancies, if not all, seem to arise from 23andMe errors but I’m not sure. BTW, I know 23andMe uses Yoruba and FTNDA uses CRS and I’ve taken this into account.

As far as I can tell, FTDNA does not provide the ability for customers to download the entire mtDNA results file. It seems as though the results are only provided in a form that identifies mutations, insertions and deletions that don’t match the CRS genome. Because of this, I can’t tell how many, if any, “No Calls” are in my FTDNA results. I’m assuming that if FTDNA doesn’t report a position, they called that position as identical to the CRS genome? Is that correct or does FTDNA have “No Calls” and just ignore them?

As for comparions of FTDNA results with 23andME results, I’d appreciate it if any of you can offer a suggestion as to why so many 23andMe results either don’t match or make sense. If I’m wrong about this, I’d like to know. To me it looks like FTDNA is correct and 23andME is wrong but I’m not certain of that.

In my 23andMe mtDNA Raw Results, I’ve identified 10 mismatches with FTNDA results, 3 duplicate SNPs and 15 "No Call" locations. They are summarized at this URL:

Of course, the big issue is the 10 'errors'.

If anyone would like to see my compete set of 23andMe RAW mtDNA results in annotated format, you can look here:

I have also posted my FTDNA results here:

As an aside, my mtDNA Haplogroup appears to be “H*”. I notice some mtDNA “H” haplogroup forums restrict membership to H’s who are 263G and 315.1G. What is the special significance of those two positions?

Hoping for some feedback.

Thanks, Mardon