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Comparing full mtDNA sequences

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  • Comparing full mtDNA sequences

    Another user reached out to me about my full mtDNA results. Since I have a heteroplasmy (T2351Y), I have no matches listed with 0 differences. I have a lot of Scandinavian matches with distance 1 and 2. This user's maternal line, like mine, is Slovenian, and only about 2 day's walking distance between our families. We are both willing to exchange data, including FASTA files.

    The 2 differences listed are my heteroplasmy and another mutation I have that he does not, G15894A.

    Comparing FASTA files, I see 2 other differences as well. I have an extra nucleotide at position 311, although lists our HVR2 results as exactly the same. Are some HVR mutations intentionally ignored by If so, why? He similarly has an 'N' inserted around position 3110 which is also not listed in his mutations.

    Is there a tool or accepted method to estimate the probability we share ancestry within a certain number of generations? What is the likelihood he is a closer relative than the Scandinavians who match me everywhere except my heteroplasmy?

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    FTDNA excludes extra insertions of a "C" from positions 309 to 315 for matching. Also, I'm guessing the "N" at 3110 is null spacer, I would ignore it.

    mtDNA has a very slow mutation rate, but it is also highly variable. Some maternal lines accumulate mutations more rapidly than others, so there is no reliable way to estimate the probability of when you share a common maternal ancestor. The fact that your match is from the same area as your maternal ancestor makes it very likely that you share a much more recent common maternal ancestor compared to your Scandinavian matches, but there is no way estimate how many generations ago that common ancestor lived.


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      Your mt-DNA is Slovenian?
      Have you already joined Slovenian Origin Project?