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    I requested FTDNA to test mtDNA from my late aunt's sample. The sample was inadequate, so I tested her maternal niece, who has the same mtDNA. I would like to associate that haplo group with my aunt's kit information so that it is available to a project, but I cannot see anywhere to add that information to her results. Can this be done?

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    You can have your niece join the project, but there is no way to link your niece's results to your late aunt's account. If your late aunt is already in a project, you could contact the project administrators to inform them about the relationship between your niece and your aunt. But they can't add all the mutations, etc. from your niece's results for your aunt (as if your aunt had done the same test) in the project's mtDNA results section. The mutations will appear for your niece if she joins the project.

    If your late aunt and your niece indeed descend through the same mtDNA line, you can also put the haplogroup designation as a note in your late aunt's profile. You can add it to the "My Personal Story" field in her Account Preferences, under Contact Information ("My Personal Story" is not described on the linked page, but is shown in the image there). Whatever you write in the "My Personal Story" area will then appear in her profile, for matches to view. I also add a statement for the accounts I manage, with my name as manager, and specifying that it is my email address for that kit; plus, I mention that anyone contacting me about each of the kits I manage should specify the name associated with the specific kit when writing to me.

    IF your aunt and/or your niece has also taken the Family Finder test: when you add something like your niece's haplogroup to your late aunt's "My Personal Story," it will ONLY be added as I described above, to her profile information. It will NOT be added to the information for your aunt's name when she appears as a match in someone's Family Finder (FF) match list. FTDNA calls each entry in the FF match list a "Character Card," as described on the "Family Finder – Matches" page in the FTDNA Learning Center. On that page, you will see at the bottom the description of what is shown for each match when the "+" symbol is clicked, at the far right in the match list. Basically, clicking on the "+" opens additional space below the entry, showing any other tests that a match has taken, plus the results for any mtDNA or Y-DNA tests (the haplogroups given). There is no way for you to change that information, so you can't add your aunt's assumed mtDNA haplogroup there. It will appear for your niece, if she has taken the FF test, in her matches' match lists.
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