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    I uploaded my results to Yfull and got a slightly different result than what I got from FTDNA. FTDNA says T1a4, while Yfull says T1a4a*. Is this common on FTDNA?


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    Since you posted in the mtDNA Advanced Topics subforum, we can assume you are talking about your mtDNA haplogroup (plus, for Y-DNA, the T haplogroup only goes to T1a3). I checked because while Yfull is known for Y-DNA, it has also started to examine mtDNA, for those who weren't aware of that.

    An asterisk (or "star" symbol, *) used with a haplogroup designation indicates it is a paragroup. Wikipedia defines it as "Paragroup is a term used in population genetics to describe lineages within a haplogroup that are not defined by any additional unique markers."

    In the section for "Nomenclature System (YCC)," the ISOGG Wiki* defines it as:
    • Paragroups are distinguished from haplogroups by using the * (star) symbol, which represents chromosomes belonging to a clade but not its researched subclades defined in the same publication: R-L21*. When a paragroup is mentioned outside an accompanying publication it is better to mention the excluded subclade/s by SNP name in parenthesis after an x: R-L21(xDF13,DF63)
    Although the ISOGG Wiki discussion is for Y-DNA, this applies to mtDNA as well.

    Yfull is indicating that you do have markers to place you within what they are naming T1a4a, but you do not have markers to place you in a subclade further downstream from T1a4a, so they use an asterisk. FTDNA did not place you in T1a4a, and does NOT show T1a4a in their mtDNA Haplotree. T1a4a is also not shown in the mtDNA tree at (haplogroup T is under JT, so use your browser's search function to go to T1a4 there); the mtDNA tree build there has not been updated since Feb. 2016.

    I next checked the GenBank sequences at Ian Logan's website. There is no category for T1a4a, only for T1a4, but his list is based on the Phylotree. GenBank requires three non-familial submissions with the same mutations to define a new subclade; perhaps Yfull is predicting T1a4a* before the scientific community has officially confirmed it. Roberta Estes discussed GenBank in the section "Haplogroup Assignment Process" in her blog post "Mitochondrial DNA: Part 3 – Haplogroups Unraveled." You need to scroll down to find that section.

    I can't answer your question about if this (not showing the same haplogroup as Yfull) is common at FTDNA, but FTDNA would use the "*" if the haplogroup didn't have any additional unique markers, and was accepted by the scientific community. If Yfull is ahead of the scientific community, then your sample may be an early definer of T1a4a. You might consider submitting your file to GenBank, and if at least two others with your same mutations do, it will be recognized as a new subclade.

    Can you see if there are others at Yfull that have been classified as T1a4a, or T1a4a*?

    *ISOGG is the International Society of Genetic Genealogy
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      I checked the Yfull "M tree" for mtDNA, and see that there are four listed as T1a4a*, including one marked as "new," and two with Italian flags. I don't know if Yfull encourages its users to submit to GenBank when there is a situation such as this, but if at least three of the four would submit their complete sequence to GenBank, this T1a4a* subclade might be recognized outside of Yfull.
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        Thank you KATM! I did try to submit to GenBank, a while back, via the instructions provided in the link you provided on Ian Logan's website. I haven't heard anything back, as of yet.



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          I resubmitted it. This time I got a receipt. I didn't get one back in January.


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            Sometimes there are glitches like that, and not particular to GenBank! Good luck with your submission.