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Mt-dna GD and mutations

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  • Mt-dna GD and mutations

    There are 3 persons A, B and C everyones mt-dna haplogroup is U8a1a1b1. A and C have GD 0. A and B have GD 1. C and B have GD 1.

    B and C have 2 different mutations and C has one extra mutation which B don't have. So, they have 3 differences in mutations. And their GD is 1. How is it possible?

    A and C have GD 0 and they have over 20 mutations. Why their GD is only 0 ?

    Do GD and mutations be different things? And one mutation between two persons does not cause GD difference? What makes a GD difference to two persons?

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    Oh sorry. I found that Mutatios and Print Certificates have different things. For example Print Certificates has mutations which Mutation page don't have. This is new to me. Maybe it has some purpose to do so.


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      In this time looks like U8a1a1b1 haplogroup contains clusters and mutations between clusters are:

      Mc -309.1C +T7674C
      M4 +G8865A
      Mb +A7299G
      Ma +A7299G

      You can see clusters from my mutation chart. Plus means that the sample in that cluster has own mutation which others don't have.