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A2 or A2i?

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  • A2 or A2i?

    I recently received my full MtDNA, and the result indicates A2. However, when I check my differences, I seem to have all the mutations for A2i. I'm curious if I it's possibly even a new subclade for A2i, as my understanding is that A2 has much to be explored.
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    Hi Chris, from what I see your mtDNA belongs to an yet unnamed branch of A2i. You have a perfect match (genetic distance of 0) in one sample derived from an FTDNA customer from Canada in GenBank, and one match at genetic distance 1 in one sample from Texas, from an ancademic study.




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      Thank you! Sorry for the delay.
      I submitted my DNA to GenBank at the time, and have yet to hear from anyone on the matter any further. I used the automatic form, so not even sure if that correctly submitted.
      I have searched through one of the DNA projects, and I also found exact matches for common ancestors in the same area that is consistent with A2i, minus the extra mutations I have.
      I'm thinking potentially new grouping as well.