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  • Mt DNA Genetic Distance

    I have taken a full sequence Mt DNA test, and have a number of matches. A few are "0 Genetic Distance". some are "1 Genetic Distance", some 2, etc. My question is whether there are any generally accepted estimates as to how far back a common ancestor likely is at the various Genetic Distances?

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    I don't know if there is estimates on mtDNA GD's
    heteroplasmy can throw of mother to child GD

    I know for my mothers results closest match is a GD of 0, her matrilineal line is out of England. This matches common ancestor is at least 4 generations ago or greater.
    GDs of 1 and 3 are even further back and link to Sweden/Norway.
    Some of the 2GD's seem to be linked to England as well ( 4+ generations ago)

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      mitoDNA is a tricky one to use for Genealogical purposes at this point, and due to its nature among other factors, it's likely to remain that way. It basically is useful for two things: "Deep Ancestry" discovery, and as a means to rule out a connection on the strictly maternal line. Anything beyond that becomes speculative at this point. Even "ruling out" possible relations can be tricky if you're dealing in a coding region match with a "close" GD match that is non-zero. Because you might be more closely related to a particular GD1 or even GD2(albeit, much less likely) match than you are to most of your GD0 matches.