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  • T1a1

    Hi All, I tested T1a1 FGS over 10 years ago and I still have no matches. My kit: N41960. Anyone have any advice? David Pike advised me that my T1a1 has no mutations.

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    I am T1a1 with FMS, have 7 GD0 coding region matches and a few dozen others within GD2 from there.

    The more annoying thing for me is that I am in an as yet unclassified branch from it, but as they haven't updated the classifications since early 2017 I am stuck waiting for further classification. And yes, I am a survey participant. I haven't prodded the single FTDNA project admin about my remaining unclassified alongside some other close matches because she's pretty much stuck in the same place, until they update the haplotree, there isn't a safe way to categorize me that won't create more work later.


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      I am T1a1.....actually T1a1p

      6 at GD0
      3 at GD1

      I dont see any matches at greater GD

      On the Public mtDNA tree, there are 13 people at T1a1p. That is three more than my (Nine + me). So are the other three set to a private setting? Surely they would match me at GD4 or closer (???).


      Also I dont seem to be able to sort any of lists for T1a1 only, without the final 'p'

      When I look at HV1/HV2, I see over 500 matches, mostly T1. And my T1a1p, and a couple singletons of T1a1(x). In the past, when I was T1a1 only, I think I remember seeing dozens of T1a1 matches, although not close in GD. Where are my T1a1 matches?


      I am fortunate in that one of my GD0 matches, is also an autosomal match (but not X) with a known MRCA. We are 3rd 1r and share my ggg gm, who was born in eastern KY in 1813. Although I think some of the autosomal is actually from her husband


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        Roberta Estes has a blog post from 2012, "Mitochondrial DNA – Birthing Haplogroup Subclades," which discusses how new mitochondrial subclades are determined. Most of the post is a contribution by William Hurst, admin of the mtDNA K haplogroup project at FTDNA, and is worth reading. New subclades are based on submissions in scientific papers, or to Genbank. Many, or most of the submissions to Genbank are from FTDNA Full Sequence results. I submitted mine about five years ago.

        To all: consider helping to refine mtDNA haplogroup designations by adding your results to Genbank. Ian Logan has instructions, and now with a link to a submission tool, to help you to submit your results. This is also described in Roberta Estes' very informative blog post about "Family Tree DNA’s Mitochondrial Haplotree," in the section "Mitochondrial Phylogenic Tree Version 17."

        mabrams, here is the page at Ian Logan's site showing Genbank submissions for T1a1m-r subclades, including your T1a1p. You are fortunate to have had a GD0 match with a known MRCA! Many of us would like to have one of those.

        If you go to any of your mtDNA match lists (if you have enough matches), you can sort by haplogroup (subclade) by clicking on the "mtDNA Haplogroup" column heading. If no T1a1 matches show in your HVR1 or HVR2 lists, they are at a genetic difference greater than 0; see below. I don't know why they would have shown in your list in the past, unless they have since opted out of matching. In the FTDNA Learning Center, the page explaining the mtDNA Matches page says this in the FAQ area:and (with my bolding)
        On the mtDNA - Matches page, are only exact matches shown?
        There are currently two sets of rules for mtDNA matching.
        • For those who have tested HVR1 (mtDNA) or HVR1 and HVR2 (mtDNAPlus), only exact matches are shown. SmartMatching is also used to prevent a match between different haplogroups.
        • For those who have tested the mtDNA Full Sequence (mtFullSequence), three differences are allowed. These differences include cases of heteroplasmy. Two high frequency insertion/deletion locations are completely excluded from difference counts. These are mutations at positions 309 and 315.
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          Thank you KATM. Your mtDNA posts have been very helpful

          I think in the past, I saw my T1a1 matches on the FMS page, when I was T1a1 only. After I became T1a1p (two years ago?), my T1a1 matches disappeared from the FMS page. At least thats how I remember it. Perhaps I remember more than what really happened. I suppose some of them disappeared too since they may have transitioned to T1a1m or T1a1c etc

          But it is odd that I do not see any T1a1 on HVR2 list. Not a single GD0 T1a1? Not a big deal. I cant figure out my 9 T1a1p other than my 3rd 1r.

          I do not recognize the T1a1p from GenBank. Probably from other than FTDNA. Most of my T1a1p matches have a snippet of identifying info and a couple of them have actively searched with me for the MRCA to no avail.

          I consider my mtDNA/3rd1r match to be Silver Medal status. Not Gold Medal as it did not break down any walls, or get me another ancestor. But it did confirm that I am on the right track with my 1813 ggg gm. And that's worth a fair amount.
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