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Names for Helena's sub-groups?

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  • Names for Helena's sub-groups?

    Does anyone know the names of the Haplogroup H (Helena) sub-groups?

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    Brian Sykes just came up with arbitrary names of the most common seven mtDNA haplogroups of Europe; it surely spiced up his book. Sub-clades have not been named. Here are a few suggestions: Hannah, Hazel, Heather, Hilda, Holly.


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      How about Hoocares?


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        We observed that T8602C (together with T14212C) could define a new subclade, which would be supported by two coding region sequences (#91 and #322) from [7] (note that, unfortunately, no control region data was available in the Herrnstadt et al. study, which leaves the door open to the existence of additional control region diagnostic sites for this subclade); therefore, and for the time being, we will refer to this seeming cluster as H1–8602. It is important to mention that T8602C may occur twice within H1, as individual #322 in [7] shares a mutation at nucleotide position 6365 with other samples (six complete genomes from [16]) belonging to hg H1a1. We also observe the presence of another potential H1 sub-branch, that might be defined by the transition T8473C (shared by four coding region sequences of [7]), here referred to as H1–8473, waiting for further confirmatory data. Finally, we note that the highly variable transition T16093C is present in most of the H1f mtDNAs, a sublineage previously defined by variants T4452C T7309C A9066G T16189C [9].


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          Good idea.

          I like the idea of names for the Helena subgroup. I am an H1a. When the price of the full mtDNA test went down ,I decided to purchase it. As you can see, I have already done the HVR 1 and 2, and the refinement test. It is possible the full mtnda test will extend my H1a out further like H1a1 or is that set already,no matter what?


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            Helena names.

            Here is a list of names for Helena subgroups:
            Girls: Hailee, Hanna, Harleen, Harmony, Hayden, Heather, Heaven, Haven, Hope, Hunter, Hypatia.


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              The only one I have found any info on is H1* - Hope.


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                Why not campaign to rename Helena? Heidi would make more sense, since "Helena" seems have too much association with a specific geographic area--Greece. Since H is so common, it should have a more generally used name (or at least one that is common in the Alps that cross through much of "vanilla" Europe).

                Other H's: Hebzebah, Henrietta, Hattie, Helga...


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                  Re: Names for Helena sub-clades

                  Y'all might want check out Oxford Ancestors web site, at one time they were naming all of the sub-clades, as members checked in with their results. Of course it's not 'official' but then we are a new science.


                  Happy Hunting
                  Jeffrey D. Stewart
                  South Carolina


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                    Helena's sub-groups?

                    I claim Hypatia for H7!