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comparing mtDNA results from Oxford Ancestors and FTDNA

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  • comparing mtDNA results from Oxford Ancestors and FTDNA

    A very distant cousin contacted me about his mtDNA results from Oxford Ancestors and mine from FTDNA. Our common ancestor is Michele Sauvagie (1575 - 1632)!

    In his results from Oxford it is noted his mtDNA has "mutations at sites 286 and 362 in their system" and he "is of the clan of Helena".

    My results here has mutations HVR1: 1) 16162G, 2) 16209C and 3) 16519C, in HVR2 mutations 1) 00073G, 2) 00263G and 3) 00315.1C, haplogroup H1A1. (I also tested my mother and her brother's mtDNA and the DNA matched perfectly with mine. )

    This is the furthest direct maternal line connection with possible DNA link either of us has and we'd like to understand if the Oxford results can be compared to FTDNA's. His communications with Oxford haven't been successful in answering this question.

    Can anyone here tell me if his results and mine are or are not a match?


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    All the Oxford Ancestors says on their website is that they test "400 base pairs". ISOGG wiki suggests that it is HVR1 only, but the numbers your cousin provided to you appear to be from HVR2 region. Yes, Oxford Ancestors can test HVR1 and a couple of places from HVR2 and even possibly from the coding region to make sure that the haplogroup assignment is correct.

    Anyway, with so many mutations separating your lines ( = you are not matching ), Michele Sauvagie does not look like your common mtDNA ancestor.

    And I would recommend to him a full mtDNA test here, as Oxford Ancestors was top of the line 15+ years ago. I do not expect results to be different on the 400 positions he had already tested. However, at FTDNA, he will learn about additional 16100 positions in his mtDNA.

    Your cousin should have gotten a printout of his mtDNA results with 400 letters (A, C, G, T) at the bottom. They are readings of his mtDNA at the positions 16001-16400. In my opinion, just getting a nice readout in both RSRS and rCRS is worth testing at FTDNA

    Mr. W

    Is Michele Sauvagie just your common ancestor or is your paper trail suggesting her to be your pure matrilineal ancestor (lines of your mothers converging at Michele Sauvagie) ?
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      comparing mtDNA results from Oxford Ancestors and FTDNA

      Michele is our pure matrilineal ancestor according to what we both have on paper trails.