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Mtdna J - 2 questions

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  • Mtdna J - 2 questions

    First, has mtdna J group been abandoned by administrators? FTDNA updated assignments some time back, including mine, and mtdna J group is still showing us lumped with people who don't share our mutations. I've asked at least two times about this and I know at least one other person in the group has as well. Also, I sent an email to the administrator, no response, and posted to mtdna J Yahoo Tech group, with no response.

    Second, I have FMS, so I know I am J1c3i and know where mine comes from and where is most common. But I decided to upload my 23andme raw data to WeGene to see what they said about my haplogroup, hearing they gave better results, and was shocked to see WeGene claim that Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu share J1c3i. This is false, as I know that they descend from San Bushman mitochondrial ancestresses from South Africa, so what gives? I tried writing to WeGene, posting to their Facebook page for users, FTDNA mtdna J group, and now here. Does anyone else with mtdna J get such oddball results?