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H64 - a Rare Haplogroup

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  • H64 - a Rare Haplogroup

    H64 mitochondrial haplogroup, a sub-group of H33, is a very rare haplogroup defined by the mutation G11150A.

    I belong to this group, my most distant traced maternal line ancestor being an Ann Evans born in London, England, in the 1770s.I believe that this haplogroup originated in Ireland, 5 of my 12 HVR2 and FMS matches tracing their maternal lines to this country. H64 also crops up in south west Norway - which may indicate a legacy of Viking invaders taking Irish back to their home country as wives.

    I would be interested in discussing 64 with any other members of this haplogroup.

    Russell Smith
    Western Australia

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    Only a very small number of people worldwide have MtDNA or any DNA tested so calling a haplogroup rare is really just a guess slightly better than chance. H is by far the the most common MtDNA in Europe. What you can say is of the affluent people who have tested MtDNA the number of confirmed H64 members is currently small compared to other known haplogroups.

    Note when more and more haplogroups are found, there will be more and more segregation giving the allusion of rare haplogroups when in fact it's just fewer members because of so many new groups have been defined.


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      How many matches?

      Mu uncles MTDNA Plus results came in and he is haplogroup H with only one match total for HRV1 and HRV2.

      How many matches did you get?



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        H64 - a Rare Haplogroup

        Further to H64 being a "rare haplogroup". It certainly, from the little I can gather of the frequencies of various subgroups, is a rare variant of the very common European haplogroup H.

        I have 36 HVR1 + HVR2 matches but only seven HRVR1, HVR2 + Coding Region (Full mito-sequence) matches.