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    When I am signed into the GAP and select either the Barrett or Powell and then click on my kit number, 4587, in the member list and then click on either Barrett or Powell in my project list I am told I must have advanced access to be able to view that project's website. In the member list I am shown as having advanced access.

    Why am I unable to see the project websites?

    If I sign out of GAP and sign into my kit I can see the project website for both the Barrett and Powell website. It seems that having allowed the project admin, me, full access has not accomplished anything.

    FYI - I have contacted FTDNA several time about this problem. They requested my GAP password which I provided after verifying this was a valid request. This was provided the day after my original request in mid-February.

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    FTDNA tells me Admins aren't supposed to be able to access the member's projects in the manner. They tell me the error message needs to be changed. As Admin of my projects I have a different path for accessing my project websites.


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      They should have another level called "Full Access" or something similar that acts just as if you are logged into the kit itself. Many people created their own projects as a way to manage their own kits. It used to be setup where if you entered the kit's password in GAP you would get true full access to those kits, this was done away with the GDPR changes I believe. It doesn't make sense though that I can't even access my own projects from my own kit if I'm accessing my kit through GAP. It's not a huge deal I suppose it just makes me less likely to check in on the projects my kits are joined to. One bug I've noticed in the past is you are not even given permission to view fully public projects through GAP, it will give you a permission error yet anybody else not even logged into their kit can view that public project.


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        If you think GDPR caused us problems, just wait as different states in the US pass their own privacy laws.


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          I understand the privacy concerns completely, but many of our surname project members did DNA tests at our request, sometimes on our dime, and have no clue about setting permissions, formatting PANs, or understanding that we encourage them to join haplo projects (four so far). We were able to do this for them in the past with their permission and usually at their request, in order to broaden the research beyond surname concerns and allow us to consult specific admins. This was especially true for the "R-M269" men, whose SNP subsets are crucial for them to narrow their memberships to more loadable projects than the massive R-M269 group. We also rely heavily on I1 and I2a admins for our "pools" of men.
          Now we admins have less and less ability to leverage the work of the haplo administrators while logged in as GAP, because some of our members cannot navigate their kit pages at all since the changes were made after GDPR, and we GAPs cannot see the things that the member sees and asks us about without tediously logging out and using another browser to see where they have been placed in other projects. There has be a better way to allow a living member to express permission for future expansion even after their decease besides the cumbersome "beneficiary" assignment. Many of my members were counting on our ability to help pay for or totally sponsor an upgrade in the future, to help in our continuing research with no worries about privacy issues.


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            I meant to add that I second mattn's notion, that members ought to be able to voluntarily allow FULL access to an admin, so that he/she can see what they see, and get to projects from kit pages while functioning as an Admin. I recognize that as a privacy issue, this will probably never revert to what we had before.