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Using General Fund to pay for test upgrade

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  • Using General Fund to pay for test upgrade

    In the "Learning Center" the directions for using General Funds to pay for a new kit or an upgrade to an old kit are clearly out of date.It says:
    1. Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and password.
    2. From the top menu, select Member Information from the Member Reports section.
    3. Find your project member in the report, and click on their kit number to access their myFTDNA account through GAP Impersonation.
    4. Order the desired tests and select Invoice as the payment method.
    5. Return to your GAP, and select Unpaid Products from the Project Administration section.
    6. Use the Unpaid Products page to pay all or part of the balance.
    Good going until you get to #4! That is apparently no longer possible . . . . . anyone know the current process for doing this? I have a very important British participant that I don't want to loose!

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    Use the Contact us form, select Group Project and I am a group administrator from drop down boxes.
    Explain your issue and send.


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      Posted by an FTDNA employee