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Inactive (deceased?) project members in surname projects

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  • Inactive (deceased?) project members in surname projects

    I am coming across more of my surname project members who are now uncontactable (defunct email addresses) and whose permissions appear to have defaulted to "Limited" since all the GDPR changes. Most of these are Y37 tests, some of whom I would really like to upgrade, but am unable to with the Limited permission - even where in the past I had had email contact with them and had their agreement to future upgrades from project funds. I know there are ways now to take over inactive projects, but I wish there was a way to take over an inactive test kit as well. If that can't happen, then these inactive test kits are really becoming useless to either individual matches or projects. What are other surname project admins doing about these?

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    I do not know of a solution to this problem, because of privacy and ownership issues. If members of a project consider sharing their full credentials with the admin, and making the admin the beneficiary (if there is no one else interested) then the work can go on, but the admins can have no right to expect that.
    Otherwise, this situation is similar to YSearch, where lack of maintenance combined and GDPR put another nail in the coffin of admins being able to expand Y surname research. Many project members have no idea of what happened as a result of GDPR: did not understand instructions about Privacy and Security settings, especially after the Dashboard was "updated", and possibly only look at results on the public Project page (if there is one). Some never log onto their kit page. Some, of course, never cared in the first place and accepted sponsorship for their results.
    Are they truly inactive because apathetic, dead or incapacitated, or so confused with FTDNA's interface that they might as well be?