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Accepting JOIN requests in a yDNA surname project

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  • Accepting JOIN requests in a yDNA surname project

    In my yDNA project, the JOIN request is not accepted automatically. I must manually accept the kit. This prevents tester kits of females with Family Finder and mtDNA tests from joining.

    When a person with or without a FTDNA kit number submits a JOIN request, I receive email from FTDNA with this information. See a recent request:

    ""The following request to join the Stevenson project was entered at Family Tree DNA by Adrienne Stevenson. [I removed the first name]

    Stevenson/Stephenson/Steenson Co. Antrim, earliest Robert Stephenson b.c.1665 Collier Co. Antrim, earliest Thomas b.c. 1750 other names in lines: Lavery, McGee

    Respond to this Request:

    or directly email this person" [I have removed part of the address]

    As it turned out, the test kit number was for Family Finder and I had to then remove the member.

    2. IF the test information would have been included that gave me the test ordered by this person, I would have known whether to accept the JOIN request and emailed the person directly.

    As it stands now, I have to accept the request so I might see the account and tests ordered.

    This change would make my job as Project Administrator a lot easier to manage.

    Curry Walker admin Stevenson surname project.

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    1) Your attempt to remove the name Adrienne failed.

    2) If I was a male Stevenson with FF only, but planning to add Y-DNA during the net sale, you can be sure I wouldn't join your project again once I had the Y-DNA results if you had already removed me. As an admin of several projects I accept any one. I have a Y-DNA group for any member who does not have Y-DNA that matches the project name. If the tester has the surname, but does not match the Y-DNA of the other project member I place him as though he is from a family branch that had not joined before. I don't want to offend potential project members.

    I understand your problem. I hope you'll consider the solution I use for my projects.


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      I agree with Jim. Accepting anyone has its benefits. Not all people are aware of the differences between the autosomal DNA test and the Y-DNA test. Once they are in the project, you can inform them. Some will get the test. As they remain in the project and get updates from the admin from time to time, it can encourage them to add Y-DNA testing eventually. Or they may even test a relative that fits the project. There are also NPEs to consider. With more advanced Y-DNA testing (Big Y), you can narrow down how they connect to the ones with the expected surname.

      You don't even need to do anything with them if they don't have the data that is needed to analyze their kits.

      At any rate, if you do wish FTDNA to change something, contact them through their contact page. They won't notice your thread here.


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        Thank you Jim Barrett and Contemplator for your opinions. Curry.