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    Under the gap dashboard for your project, under "Project Administration" there is a "Public Results Display Settings".

    From there you see a table of Members by Kit # The default is to show Y-DNA & mTDNA results

    returning to the dashboard under project Administration there is a "Public Website" option

    From there you see a tabbed screen with "Site Configuration" as one of the tabs.

    Here for both YDNA & mTDNA you can choose to make these Public, Project Members Only or Do Not Display via selecting the appropriate radio button.

    For Project members dna results to show in the project you need to have the default show in the "Public Results Display Settings". & also in the Public Website screen.

    Now I don't want the dna results to be Public, I just want these displayed to project members so you might think that under "Public Results Display Settings" you would have hide, and under "Public Website" > "Site configuration" you would have the "Project members only" radio button selected.

    However this is not the case, as stated above you also need under "Project Administration" > "Public Results Display Settings" the default show option for each kit #.

    This is rather confusing.

    Browsing various project at random I see the dna result for members of projects I am not a member of. Now all these projects may by coincidence have "public" radio button selected under "site configuration"

    So which setting has priority?

    What exactly do the options under "Project Administration" > "Public Results Display Settings" mean as they do not work with the options under "Public Website" > "Site configuration"

    How do you have this configured so only project members see dna results

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    Go with Public Website > Site configuration. There you can pick that only project members can see those results. Though it may be worth considering leaving that public to help attract potential project members to want to join. This is an all or nothing sort of option.

    The setting to hide with Project Administration > Public Results Display Settings is meant so that you can pick specific kits to hide because maybe their results are not relevant for the project but you don't want to kick them out of the project either. This is an option better used for special cases.

    Also know that some project members automatically have their settings to private. So even if you choose to make them all public these members will only appear for members (who are logged onto the site).