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  • How to contact a project manager

    Hello, I am a member of several projects and one in particular I am very interested in participating in. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any mechanism (message board or other) in which to contact the manager or other members. I have been doing research for sometime now and would like to share it with my distant cousins. And perhaps get some input on research. The project use to be hosted externally. The project I am referring to is for the Coulter surname. Thank you in advance. - Charles

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    Worldfamilies supported MANY surname projects when they didn't have an admin. Thanks to GDPR they dropped support of most of those projects. Unless someone took over the project it is without an admin.

    After GDPR FTDNA required project admins to sign an updated Terms and Policies. If an admin didn't sign they were removed. Many others removed themselves. It would be interesting to know how many projects had an admin before GDPR and how many have an admin today.


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      Thanks Jim for your reply. I will investigate about becoming a project admin.