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  • Collecting Member Lineage

    I took over the Burnett surname project about a year ago. I was very frustrated that there was so little information about which ancestors were in which groups. Few people had their tree on the site and many didn't list their most distant ancestor on the Colorized Chart and, when they did, did not specify enough info about them to be able to identify them.
    So I took on effort of collecting all the members lineage. Everyone in the group was cooperative and provided their lineage except for those who either died or changed their email addresses. All in all we got most of them and I have had very positive feedback from the members.
    I have now joined another surname group which is much larger than my Burnett project. I am looking for my ancestor who has a very common name. It would be very helpful to have the lineages of everyone in that project so I could know who NOT to research due to them being already in another non-matching sub-group. I am however reluctant to collect them via email because it was so much work on my small project and would be much harder on this large one.
    Has anyone found a way to gather the lineage of their group that is not so labor-intensive?
    Many thanks!