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Invitations from FTDNA admins has a problem

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  • Invitations from FTDNA admins has a problem

    When I issue a JOIN request, FTDNA automatically appends a note saying "Use the link below to join the project and purchase your DNA test."

    This sends a confusing message to invitees that there is a further purchase required, and since I have never invited anyone who does not already have an order or result, I find that this is a discouragement to potential members who misinterpret this language.

    Does anyone else agree?

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    There are two different links for join requests - someone else more familiar can perhaps provide info on how to send the one for folks who already have a Kit vs how to send the other one for folks not having a Kit.

    You can see the two choices on "Project Profile" -
    the one with "...&code=..." - that gives a list of tests to purchase to join.
    The other is for joining when you already have - and are logged into - a Kit.


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      Thanks, for responding, I see what you are referring to on Profile as a Join link and a Returning Join link.
      I have always used the administrator's item of Join Authorization, which only offers Send a request and View a request, and the default for the recipient is the "Purchase" note mentioned in my first posting.
      The only way I can see to get around this is to copy the JOIN links and send from my personal e-mail.This seems needlessly clunky but I will experiment with each one, I guess try to send to myself or a willing guinea pig.
      I would prefer a setup for the admin that explicitly allows one or the other.
      Thanks again, if anyone has a better way, please respond here.
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        The Help item on the page clarifies somewhat...

        The admin page for Join Authorization states that this is to invite people to test at a discount by Joining a project, which is useful.

        But there needs to be an item for inviting existing accounts, in my opinion, and I do not see where the Returning Join link on the Project Profile comes into play for any admin page. Am I missing something?
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