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Received Lab Results Report - Procedure Codes

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  • efgen
    The Y-DNA codes are in numerical order after STR:

    STR: PANEL 1 (1-12)
    PP3: PANEL 2 (13-25)
    PP5: PANEL 3 (26-37)

    MP6: PANEL 4 (38-47)
    MP7: PANEL 4 (48-60)
    MP8: PANEL 4 (61-67)

    MP9: PANEL 5 (68-75)
    MP10: PANEL 5 (76-85)
    MP11: PANEL 5 (86-93)
    MP12: PANEL 5 (94-102)
    MP13: PANEL 5 (103-111)

    MiFMSNGS: mtFullSequence (FMS)
    (In this case, NGS = Next Generation Sequencing)

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  • prairielad
    I believe, but don't know off hand which code goes to which combination of marker panels, the following are for some of the codes

    STR, MP6, MP8, PP3, MP7, PP5 refer to STR panels between the 12 marker and 67 marker level

    PANEL 1 (1-12)
    PANEL 2 (13-25)
    PANEL 3 (26-37)
    PANEL 4 (38-47)
    PANEL 4 (48-60)
    PANEL 4 (61-67)

    MP10, MP13, MP12, MP9, MP11 refers to STR panels between 67 marker and 111 markers
    PANEL 5 (68-75)
    PANEL 5 (76-85)
    PANEL 5 (86-93)
    PANEL 5 (94-102)
    PANEL 5 (103-111)

    HiYNGS Big Y

    FSG, HVR1, and HVR2 deal with mtdna testing levels
    MiFMSNGS unsure exactly, but think it is something to do with National Geographic Society and FMS (Full mitochondrial sequence)

    Other ones are SNP test (ie CTS4179)
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  • glee
    started a topic Received Lab Results Report - Procedure Codes

    Received Lab Results Report - Procedure Codes

    I am trying to find a report that shows me when members of my project have received YDNA results. When I look at the "Received Lab Results" report, I am shown a column of procedure codes (FGS, HiYNGS, etc, etc). Is there a chart or cheat sheet to decipher these? Sorry if this is covered under another thread. I could not locate it.