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  • Features Request Area For Admins

    We don't seem to have a "Features Request Area For Admins" any more so I'll just post my request here.

    I just received an e-mail from FTDNA telling me that a member had removed himself from the project because he wasn't matching other members of the group.

    I have my own project website in addition to the cookie cutter website from FTDNA. I would find it very helpful if the message from FTDNA would provide the kit number for the ex-member in addition to his name. We often have several members with the same name.

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    NEED opt In options

    I would LOVE to see tick box options

    Yes/No Share my email with other group members
    Yes/No Forward emails from other group members
    Yes/No Opt int to shared project data ( let members see/use atDNA matrix)
    Yes/No show my name to other group members
    Yes/No share group membership list with other group members

    There's probably more that would make our Administrators lives a lot easier.