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HOW TO: "Activate" and get kit # for imported at DNA Results?

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  • HOW TO: "Activate" and get kit # for imported at DNA Results?

    How do I (at my expense) "activate" and get a kit # assigned so that the imported Family Finder results of a "cousin" will appear in the autosomal comparisons and then ultimately (and again at my expense) order a Y-DNA test for this kit and along them way get them integrated into our Linthicum project? Please explain as to a learning challenged 78 year-old third grader

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    If you use Find DNA Matches For Free – Autosomal Transfer | FamilyTreeDNA to transfer autosomal DNA results to FTDNA a kit number will automatically be created. You'll receive an email containing the kit number and the password. This transfer is FREE! There is a $19 fee to activate some of the functions of Family Finder.

    Once the transferred data has been processed you'll be able to sign into the kit and see Family Finder matches. This may take a few days so keep checking.

    To add the kit to a project sign into the kit. On the top of the page look for 'myPROJECTS'. Hover over it and click on 'Join A Project'. A list of 'Recommended Projects' will be created. If the project you want to join is listed click on it. If the desired project is not listed enter the project name in the search box and click on 'Search'. This will create a new list. Click on the name of the desired project and follow the additional steps.

    To add Y-DNA to this kit sign into the kit and click on 'ADD ONS & UPGRADES'. You'll be given and list of different options which should include the different Y-DNA test to select from. You will be sent a DNA collection kit. The DNA sample must be collected and the kit returned toe FTDNA before Y-DNA results can be reported. The autosomal transfer only transferred the autosomal data from Ancestry. The DNA sample from Ancestry is not transferred. Before you try to add a Y-DNA test be sure the person is willing to provide a new sample. FTDNA uses a swab similar to a Q-Tip to collect the sample.

    Hopefully this helps. If you still have questions post here. This 81 year-old forum member will try to provide the additional information or someone else will step in.


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      Is it possible there is a "bug" in the "Join a Project"? Seem to be going in circles and between the USER and I we cannot get the "join" to take. Just keep exchanging join notifications? I have two instances of this currently going on. Thanks for your help.


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        FTDNA has the process far too complicated. I called and had support walk me through the process within the last two weeks. I already had most of my projects set so I didn't have to approve join request. After getting this person added I changed the project he was trying to join also.

        No, I don't remember what they told me to do. Maybe there was an option I wasn't seeing without scrolling down the page. I was having the same problem you are having. Going around in a loop.

        If someone joins who you don't want in the project you can ask them to leave or you can just delete them.