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  • General Fund, Advanced Permission, Ordering Updates

    I have a Family Finder Project. It occurs to me, if someone joins and gives me Advanced Permission, I should be able to order and pay for an update to their kit, such as ordering a Y-DNA Test.

    But first I need to figure out - how do I get money into the General Fund?

    Also, there may be another problem -- I gave Advanced Permission to my project for my individual account - and when I go to it, it does not say Limited Access as most of the others say -- but if I click on another Project it says "You must be granted Advanced permissions in order to view this page."

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    Originally posted by loobster View Post
    I have a Family Finder Project. It occurs to me, if someone joins and gives me Advanced Permission, I should be able to order and pay for an update to their kit, such as ordering a Y-DNA Test.
    Just to make it clear, I was thinking I could explicitly offer that when someone already had a Kit and I want a Y-DNA Test done also.
    I routinely offer to order and pay for tests for folks, but if they already have FamilyFinder results, Y-DNA should be on the same kit - was trying to come up with a way I could still offer to order and pay for it.
    Not looking to sneak this in for someone who had given me Advanced Permission for some other reason.


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      FTDNA wants the Admins to get the participants expressed permission via email, and the Admin then needs to provide a screen shot of that email proving the participant gave you their permission for any upgrades being paid for by your project General Fund.

      I had to put in a ticket to the Help Desk to get the ball rolling, then FTDNA sent me an email explaining they wanted a screen shot of the email between myself and the DNA participant showing they give their permission for the project to pay for their upgrade.


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        We used to tell our surname project members that we will help pay for or totally sponsor upgrades or new tests, which used to be a Bill Me Later option at FTDNA. Several of our people expressed the desire for this even in the event of their death or incapacity, in order to help with our surname research and to help the associated haplo managers. We cannot get express permission from our deceased or incapacitated members who thought that they granted us this permission, but did not understand the "beneficiary" process while they were communicative. Their trust in me telling them that their sampling was a "gift that would keep on giving" has been nullified.
        I understand the privacy concerns of FTDNA completely, because of exposure to liability, but it seems that they could come up with a form to allow any customer to add to ADVANCED access the ability to allow a project to upgrade them in perpetuity as an option.


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          As admin of a surname project I had no trouble upgrading a member to Big-Y at my expense, merely by asking him to set Admin Acess to Advanced. Ftdna support confirmed to me that this was equivalent to showing an email from the member giving permission.


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            Thanks. Can someone explain -- How do I get money into the General Fund?
            And/or is there another way for me to pay for the test?


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              Go to the 'about' page for the project. There is a 'Donate' button in the left hand column. If you are a member of the project click on the project name after signing into your kit. Anyone can get there using a Google search for the project.

              Sign into the GAP, select the desired project, hover over 'Project Admin' and click on 'General Fund', click on the 'Need Help' link for information on paying for a test. I don't know if the information they provide works or not.


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                In addition to what Jim Barrett says:

                The General Fund link on the GAP page is a good start. Click the "i" for more detailed info on how to pay.
                An Admin may add a Donate button to the main Project, via the Public Website GAP link (by default the Donate button is not there).
                Clicking that Donate button takes you to a page that enables the donation, such as this for Rayment:

                Feel free to donate to Rayment, or type in your own project name in place of 'rayment' in the link above.


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                  I am the Admin. of the Project.
                  i am the only one that may be donating money.
                  It is a FamilyFinder Project.

                  Does any of that make a Difference?


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                    Is there an online website for the project? If there is did you try the suggestions above? If there isn't have you contacted FTDNA for suggestions? Maybe you should create an online project even though there isn't a Family Finder option for online projects.


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                      It seems I can use the link in DougInAmbler's post above, change the letter and Project, and that should work.
                      Clicked "General Fund" from the DropDown Menu from "Project Admin", clicked the i - yes, see what seem to be good instructions for ordering updates and then paying with General Funds
                      DougInAmbler - Thanks much!!!

                      There is a website.
                      When I choose "Public Website" from the DropDown Menu from "Project Admin"
                      I see nothing indicating how to add a Donate Button.
                      When I click on the i there, still nothing on how to Add a Donate Button, just
                      "Learn more about this page.
                      • On this page, you may set the information that project members and potential members see on your free Public Website.
                      • Select the Background, Goals, News, and Results tabs at the top of the page to fill them in."

                      Even clicking on the "Learn more..." link I see nothing mentioning it, nothing I am guessing would mention it if I expanded it.
                      Checked "How do I set up the Public Project Website?" and it mentions nothing about a Donate Button