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"only publish up to first cousins" ????

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  • "only publish up to first cousins" ????

    Someone is posting information about FTDNA over in Geni that I can make no sense of.
    Am thinking maybe it has something to do with Projects.
    Can anybody tell me what he is talking about when he says "they only publish up to first cousins"

    He says this information is printed "on their Autosomal pages" - anybody know what he means by that?

    It is in a Public Discussion so I think everyone can read it:

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    I read the first couple of pages, and it certainly doesn't seem like anything I'd like to read any further. "Private User," or at least one with a gray silhouette icon that is using that anonymous name, seems to have written the statement. I will use "he" and "him" here for that person, who wrote about "they only publish up to first cousins," seems to be in an argument about how someone is related, or not, to him. It seems that he may be taking mtDNA and/or Y-DNA matches, and somehow, by either using Advanced Matching, or searching his Family Finder match list, trying to see how or if they are related. I may be misinterpreting what he means, though. It is all very confusing, and seems to be a continuation of a previous thread that has since been closed.

    At any rate, I am with you; I don't understand what he means with his "first cousins" statement. It makes no sense, and he has not provided a link or quote from anyplace on the FTDNA website to show where he read such a thing. This makes me think he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Added: I just went back to find the "first cousin" statement again, and am having trouble finding it. Some statements on that forum are being hidden for an administrator to review, so perhaps it fell into that category since I first saw it. I'm not going to devote more time to looking at the thread; it has several people arguing (including more than one "Private User") and is not worth anyone's time to read it, IMHO.


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      I knew if you were not logged in to Geni, you would just see "Private User" for many folks - did not realize the link based on the date-and-time stamp would not work --
      link lands me, logged in to Geni, with the message being discussed as the top one of what you were looking at.
      Maybe that only works for those logged in to Geni?
      -- apologies!!!
      And thanks much for trying to figure it out.


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        I used your link to go back to the Geni thread again (so much for not reading it any further!), and it goes directly to p. 5 of the thread. When I went back yesterday, I erroneously started with page 1, and only went as far as p. 3, so that seems to be why I didn't see the comment about "they only publish up to first cousins." I do see it referred to at the top, when using your link to p. 5.

        At any rate, I'm not registered at Geni. I see these "Private User" names for some people, and it gets very confusing pretty quickly. Whoever is posting the inaccurate information (one of apparently a couple going by "Private User" who use the gray silhouette as an icon) has been challenged, but seems to continue to have a misinterpretation of the different types of DNA, and what autosomal DNA is. It's best to ignore that thread and move on.