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How to delete a group project?

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  • How to delete a group project?

    I manage a lot of family kits and set-up a project hoping it would help me run them more easily, but it doesn't really do what I want, which is to see all my kits on one log in and access matches.

    I've deleted the kits out of my group but there's no obvious way to delete it entirely.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you tried this:
    When you log in to your family project, and go to the middle column "Genetic Reports," you click on "FF Illumina OmniEpress Results." This gives you a list of the project members, and you can right-click on the kit number, select "Open in New Tab" (or however your system or browser does it). If you do that for several or all members, you can then go to each tab and view the Family Finder matches.

    Is this what you have been doing? Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be another way, but I find it adequate for my family project.

    I haven't tried any deleting within or of my project, so maybe someone else can help with that question.


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      No, I'll try it though. Thanks.