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    I'm a new Co-Admin for a project and one of my enthusiastic members has created a private Facebook for our project.
    So, I joined it....

    BTW, I'm an not the Admin for this Facebook group.
    However, apparently invites are flying out and people are joining (or following it).
    So, activity is picking up within it.
    There is more activity on this Facebook group, than there is within the FTDNA project itself.

    I am concerned though, because we have a code of conduct and I don't want to breach it.

    Any advice on this? Good idea? Bad idea? Things to be careful about?

    Lessons learned?

    Obviously, I am not going to share anybody's real name information on Facebook.
    But would appreciate some advice beyond that.
    This can't be the only situation like this, but wasn't able to quickly find a similar thread.... hmm (maybe I should use the Search function)

    Andrew Ross

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    This situation is rife, and there are haplo and surname Facebook pages that show much more activity than FTDNA Activity Feeds and this type of forum. I just stay away from them and refuse to play, although I am denying myself potential contacts. I simply do not trust a free-for-all and find that not only is maintaining privacy difficult, but it can be an huge waste of time away from my research and correspondence with those that I have developed trust relationships with.
    I tend to balance genealogy with genetics and not fall into the "you can't trust genealogy" or the "you can only trust genetics" camps. I have heard "Genetics don't lie, while people do," but I have also experienced an upsettingly wrong lab mistake in my household. To have shared that on FB before the mistake was acknowledged by the service is another reason that I stay away from the temptation to record my every waking thought on FB or Twitter. Just my two cents.


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      I agree with clintonslayton76 100%. I don't know of another company that has been brought before the federal government more often than Facebook. I stay away from all social media.


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        Thank-you Clinton & Jim;

        You are confirming my concerns as well as pointing out the additional distractions, which I hadn't exactly recognized.
        It is a good point.