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  • BigY-700

    There are quite a few orders for the new BigY-700 in my Project(s). I notice that the lab is wanting "fresh" participant samples . . . ie, less than two years old or an older vial that has not yet been opened. Do I understand that correctly? And if a new sample is needed then FTDNA will write directly to the participant to inform someone of that need? Or will they simply send out a new kit without informing the participant in question of the need for the sample.

    I am wondering if I should individually alert each participant in my Project(s) that this might happen - or just leave it to FTDNA headquarters.

    Thank you, JoThom

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    Based on the writing, it does sound like they will alert the customers themselves. Unknown if they will follow through like that. I had contacted FTDNA about one member's sample given the donor had passed away. After a few days the kit manager contacted me and told me FTDNA had contacted them about the kit. They told me, "Was told we should be good because samples last 8-10 years." In this kit manager's case, the donor sample was collected in November 2016.