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  • Genetic Distance GAP vs Member Account

    I have a member in the project who just got his y37 update. I logged in to GAP and ran a "Y-DNA Genetic Distance" report for this member to compare his results against other members in the project. The list showed 9 members with a genetic distance of zero. When I clicked on his account and clicked on matches, he didn't have any GD zero matches and two of the individuals in the GAP report listed with a GD of zero were listed with a GD of 4. Did I do something wrong? I checked the same thing with my own account with similar results. In GAP I had several GD zero matches, but when I clicked on my account, I only have one match with a GD of zero.

    Thanks for any advice!
    Tom Pratt

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    Did you select the 37 marker level for the matches?
    The default is set at 12, you have to select if you want 25, 37, 67 or 111.


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      That's what I was doing wrong! Thank you!