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  • Limited Access - Join Functionality

    Do I understand correctly - Administrators with Limited Access have the ability to Join the members in their Project to other Projects?
    And if so -- why do they have that functionality?
    Can one say 'no' to that - or ??

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    I have not tried JOINing a Limited Access member to any other project since the GDPR changes, but I note that even Advanced Access for an admin will not give the admin the ability to see the member's placement in other projects from the kit page.
    It is hard to answer your question without testing the concept and I am not comfortable trying it.
    When first setting my project up, I told prospectives that I wanted permission to JOIN my surname members to Haplo projects and if they objected, they should not be on my Project membership.
    Sorry I cannot say YES or NO!


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      FTDNA makes it clear that we are not to make ANY changes to a project member's kit without their written permission. Telling them not to join the project if they aren't will for you to add them to projects isn't enough! You need an email from the member giving their name, kit number and what they are giving you permission to do.


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        It is not a matter for me to add them to projects, but for them to participate in other projects. I encourage specific members to join haplo projects, and whether they give me permission to do it for them because they are not computer-literate, or for them to do it themselves, is not the issue. Telling them not to join my project if they are not willing to participate in broader or narrower projects is MY project philosophy, you do not have to agree.
        The issue is the original question: do Admins with Limited Access have that ability, and I cannot answer that.


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          Yes, if you are given Limited access, you can add members to other projects. This is based on the chart that lists the settings each access level allows admins to alter.