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  • What do they mean?

    The 9/18/2018 Release Notes in GAP says, for kits puchased on or after May 23, 2018 that "When accepting the Group Project Participation Terms for the first time, users are now automatically opted in to sharing their Group Project Profile." --
    so - a) what happens with Kits purchased before that who join a project now?
    b) what is a "Group Project Profile"
    c) when are folks who bought after May 23, 2018 presented with "the Group Project Participation Terms" -- is it now part of what they see when one sends them a join request, or ??
    d) is there any way for us to see what they will be seeing?

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    When the GDPR came into effect, FTDNA made it so first time project joiners were automatically set to Minimum for the access granted to project admins. Not only that but when the project added a new admin, that admin automatically was also set to Minimum access level even if the rest of the admins were set to Limited or Advanced. This was problematic for admins as it greatly reduced the usefulness of members joining. At some point FTDNA changed it. Now the default is Limited, not just for first time joiners but for future admins that are added to those projects. The kit manager can still lower that setting if they wished, but Limited is a much better default than Minimum.

    As for what happens to kits before that date, probably set to some equivalent to whatever their old privacy settings were on.


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      Although I usually get negative reactions to my modus operandi on this forum, I still request that all of the Project members give me as full access as possible, simply because some of my members (and potential members) are so confused about the changes at FTDNA that they were not aware of what happened, even after I sent out a group mailing. I have to ask new members to make the changes necessary to see their results, or ask them to explain why not. I have no problem with those retaining their privacy, but many are not aware that they can see all the other results on the Project but no one (including the admin, me) can see theirs. Since anyone can see the Project results without joining, being a "one-way mirror" member seems pointless to me.


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        Originally posted by clintonslayton76 View Post
        Since anyone can see the Project results without joining, being a "one-way mirror" member seems pointless to me.
        If a member elects for their results to be shown to project members only non-project members will not be able to see that member's results in the "public" displays and the project members must be signed in to their kit to be able to see these members.

        I wish FTDNA would add a "see all / change nothing" option.


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          I should have been clearer: since I expect all members to allow their results to appear to anyone who visits the groups link, the grid is findable and viewable to the public simply by engine-searching (at least on Google) for "Slaton DNA." I try to "require" (ask for) a PAN for each one.
          I have only one member of a smaller Project, Statons, who has no visibility to anyone at all except to me on the Member Information list, but can see the grid through the search, so he is "one-way." I cannot subgroup him because I cannot see him. Another member there died before posting a PAN.


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            What is a PAN?


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              Originally posted by clintonslayton76 View Post
              I cannot subgroup him because I cannot see him. Another member there died before posting a PAN.
              When signed into GAP - Reports - Genetic Reports - Y-DNA (Classic or Colorized) you can see ALL members with Y-DNA results. This will let you see how many marker the member has results for. While stilled signed into GAP - Reports - Genetic Reports select Y-DNA Genetic Distance, select a applicable Markers value, find the kit number of interest and find out who he is genetically close to. Depending on how you are grouping your members this could give you a possible subgroup.

              Each customer has the right to select the options they want. We, the project admins, have the right to reject project members. As long as FTDNA doesn't object to your selection process you have nothing to worry about. As for the member who died you can remove him from your project.

              I have a 1st cousin once removed in my project who has selected "minimal". I can see him which is all I care about. I don't care that no one else can see him. I know why he elected to not be seen and I'm okay with that.