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    I am the "Co-Administrator" of the Bowers DNA Project. I don't know who the "Administrator" is. Some of our members have asked when we are going to start grouping members. I can't find where to do this but when I called FTDNA they said it is one of my "tasks". I don't know where to begin.
    Rory Bowers

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    The Admin may have refused to follow the step required to stay on as an admin after World Family dropped the project thanks to GDPR.

    There is a public website for the project, but it needs to be updated. Sign into the project using the GAP log in. You can hover over "Project Admin" or scroll down to "Project Administration". Click on "Project Profile" and update that page. Repeat the above steps and click on "Public Results Display Settings" and update that page. Repeat the above steps and click on "Public Website" and update that page. Remember to save each each section.

    Before you can start grouping you need to make a plan of how you are going to group project members. You might start by creating a subgroup for each major branch of the Haplogroup Tree. You can see these by going to I set the page size to 500 to be able to see everyone. If you know how the members were grouped on the World Family website you could group the same way.

    Once you have an idea of the groups you want go back to the GAP home page and click on "Member Subgrouping". Create your groups. For the first group click on the arrow to the far right of the group listing and start selecting members for that subgroup. Repeat for each group.


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      First, on your GAP page, go to the Public Website page under Project Administration, and make sure "Member DNA Test (YDNA) Results" is set to Public or, at least, Project Members Only. It currently looks like the project is set to publicly display the Ancestor's (YDNA) Map and Y-DNA SNP information, but not STR results.

      The easiest way to group the kits into subgroups of kits whose STR results indicate that they probably share a common male ancestor within the genealogical time frame (based on FTDNA's guidelines) is to use my free webapp designed for that purpose: Use your browser to save your project's FTDNA STR results webpage as an html-only file and then upload that file to the web app, which will then show you the suggested groupings. You will still need to manually assign the kits to the appropriate subgroups per the last paragraph of Jim Barrett's post.
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