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  • New admin here-help please

    I volunteered to become an admin for a soon-to-be orphaned Surname group from World Families. I have slightly more than basic dna knowledge, but I volunteered so as to not lose the group.

    I have received about 400 emails in the last week from FTDNA. I now know how to turn off the notifications for all but the y notifications, but what do I do with these emails and the info they contain? They say that kit #12345 has a Y67 match, but no mention of the matching kit #. Do I need to do anything with these emails?

    This is the first of a couple of questions I need to ask. Thank you for any help.

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    I just disregard unless you received an email that somebody in your project just received results, otherwise most of the time a match email is just a match between a member of your project and somebody outside the project. Once you have the Y-Results page grouped like you want it you will only have to focus on new results. Of course if you wish to view the match and that project member's status is "Limited Access" you can view the match from their matches page if you wish.


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      If you want to see the match sign into your GAP, open the member list, find the kit mentioned in the email, click on the kit number, open the Y-DNA match page, select the 67 marker match list, sort matches by date (most recent first) and you should see the name of the match.


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        If the project member has granted at least Limited Access and you check the match and it looks like someone who should be in your project, then what? Should you email that person and suggest they join?


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          I do it all of the time.


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            Thank you for the advice. I have marked emails of those people whose accounts I can access in order to contact potential new members. In the meantime, I need to focus on grouping y results page. That will be next thread.


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              Do you invite people that do not have the same surname to join your surname project just because they are a match to your member? How do you determine who to ask, is it by the GD and does it matter if it is a Y37 test versus Y67 or Y111?