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    Originally posted by vinnie View Post
    Thanks, but vague references to hear-say aren't sufficient to explain what has happened.
    When I get an answer from a trusted member of the FTDNA staff I don't consider that a "vague reference" or "hear-say". I don't need to know the name(s) of the offender(s) nor the names of the project(s) involved.

    If you do then I suggest you contact Mr. Greenspan directly and demand he provide you with the information you require.


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      If you had stated that you received the information from FTDNA (like I did), then I wouldn't have responded like that. Likewise, I asked "Can you elaborate without mentioning admins' or projects' names?" because I have no need for names. I'll save my e-mails to Bennett for more important concerns like the problems with MOv2 that I continue to apologize for to family and friends.