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    Originally posted by Dawn Ellis View Post
    So with this group, two of the men have done snp testing. One is R-BY11542, the other is R-S1688. The men have different surnames. I am looking at both of their snp pages. As far as I can tell S1688 is upline from By11542, but it is really hard to follow on the chart, having to scroll. Is there a resource for comparing snps making it easier?
    It's also important to find out which SNPs the S1688 person tested negative for. If he only had an SNP pack or an individual SNP test and wasn't tested for SNPs downstream or at least not for the SNPs that lead to By11542 then there is no way to tell if the S1688 person really is positive for BY11542.

    S1688 is without a doubt upstream from BY11542. The BY SNPs have been named by FTDNA. BY likely stands for BigY. So it was discovered by FTDNA through BigY testing and won't always show up in other trees. What you can do sometimes is find phylogenetic equivalents, or SNPs directly upstream, and look them up at

    BY11542 isn't in the YFull tree but U198, which is directly upstream, is at YFull at so that is as good as you will get for that SNP at YFull for now.

    So since BY11542 and S1688 are U106 SNPs it is best to get with the admins of the U106 projects.


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      Originally posted by Armando View Post
      So since BY11542 and S1688 are U106 SNPs it is best to get with the admins of the U106 projects.
      While it is true that U198 is a subclade of U106, the R1b-U106 Project doesn't accept those who are U198+. This is due to an agreement with the administrators of the U198 and L1 (another U106 subclade) projects. Since they already had been set up before the R1b-U106 Project and have seniority, they have sole project administrator access to those who are U198+ or L1+. There is some collaboration between the R1b-U106 Project and L1 Project in analyzing Big Y results.

      Dawn Ellis should join her relative's results to the U198 Project at