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  • How to use the General Fund

    I am not the original admin for my project; the first admin has passed away. There is a $50 balance in the General Fund. Does that mean that FTDNA is holding $50 for us to use for additional testing? One of the members of the project has done the y test, and now has agreed to do the FF. Can I use the $50 to apply to the cost of the FF? I also have another test kit in my possession that I would like another project member to use. Since he already has an account with a y test, can we just make a note of his account number when sending the kit back to FTDNA, or how should it be done? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    As the active admin you would have oversight on how the general funds are used. So you could apply the $50 for a new test. If the other member already has a test all further testing should be ordered as an upgrade to be run from his additional samples.

    A time ago, we used to accept test kits that had altered bar codes or kit numbers to be used on a different account. This caused issues in the lab so it is policy to no longer allow it. If he needs a new sample we can send out a new sample collection kit directly to him.

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      Exactly how...

      Do I do this by clicking on the sale link and, hopefully, adding comment that it is an upgrade to existing kit # and that I want to apply general funds? Thank you.


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        You would need the written consent of the member to purchase the upgrade. It's the weekend and I don't have any co-worker to ask, admins used to be able to place orders on invoice (there was a bill me later option at the end of the order) but I don't know if that is still an option.

        The participant can contact the help desk and request the upgrade and we could place the order for him on invoice and once done you would then be able to apply the general funds from your Group Admin Page.