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Problems faced with starting a new Surname project through FTDNA

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  • Problems faced with starting a new Surname project through FTDNA

    Hi all, I'd really appreciate your advice with a problem regarding an FTDNA Surname Project,
    Myself here in Ireland & another Lad from Philidelphia USA descided that we would create one of these surname projects through FTDNA, But we're experiencing alot of difficulties trying to get it set up.

    We have the page up & running, But we're deliberately keeping it private until we add everything that we need to add to it & make any adjustments that may also be necessary before we go live with it & advertise it out to any member who would be interested in joining

    The biggest problem were experiencing is admin can not make any changes to the page what so ever from the sites homepage, Any adjustments that we want to make have to be done through a seperate link called (Gap)

    As it stands there is just the two of us as the only members of this new page & both of us are admin, So I asked my friend in America to delete me from the page & also delete my admin privileges, Just to see can it be done, & we've discovered that this can't be done because we are admins through this Gap tool, So essentially if we go live and give admin privileges to someone & say down the road there's problems & we want to terminate someone's admin privileges, We can't, We essentially have no control over our own site & should any admin decide to shut our page down they can well do so & there is absoloutly nothing we can do to stop them, What can we do to protect our new site to stop an event like this occuring ?

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    Why would you want to make others admins? If it's a small surname project, you and the other person from Philadelphia should be enough admins to run the project.

    My understanding is that when there are multiple project administrators, only one of them is primary administrator and the others are co-administrators. The primary administrator would be the one who would have ultimate control over the project, so I don't see that adding new co-administrators would undermine the control of your project's full administrator.


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      I think when my friend in America created the page he added me as the primary admin who holds the full admin control to the page rather than a Co Admin, This might be the reason why he was wondering why I seem to have more admin rights to our page than he does as our Site creator, So maybe if he was to go back into the settings & have a look at the admin roles section,He may be able to un-tick something that will re set my admin privileges from being the primary administrator of the page to a co admin ?, If not maybe FTDNA admin might be able to sort this out for us,Or maybe if he asked FTDNA admin to delete my details altogether this might even be a better option as I can then re join our group under normal settings ?

      Myself & This other guy are all very new to this whole DNA thing & even the setting up of associated groups such as this surname project that we descided to have a go at.

      The thing is though even though I'm admin & receiving emails from people wishing to join I can't approve any of them, It's like I'm blocked, I tried a number of different admin things & every time I try I'm prevented from doing so

      What I then done was I deleted my account thinking id be deleting it in its entirety with the intention of re joining again, But what I actually did was just delete myself as a member of the group but I'm still attached to this site as admin through this Gap tool & because I'm no longer a member of the group, As admin I now can't even gain access onto the site, I can't even delete my own admin account nor can the other guy who is the sole remaining admin.

      I've been trying to log in under my user name that I created but it won't let me, I then tried using my own personal FTDNA account kit number & password, I can get in that way & view everything, But again I'm blocked from using all admin features, I went down the route of trying to create a new user name & password, But because I'm using the same email address I'm blocked because an admin is already using that email address & user name

      What I really need to do is to shut down my admin account in its entirety & then re apply again,basically start from scratch But I nor the other guy in Philidelphia can figure out how to delete me from the admin team to our page

      We are so inexperienced at this, We're going to run into all sorts of issues until we get to grips with things and get comfortable with using this very complicated Gap system

      As admin we really do need to know how to add & delete members from our group should we feel it may be necessary to do so, This is why I'm turning to you guys who are alot more experienced in this field than I am to see if you can provide me with some advice which may help rectify our current situation

      Thanks Patrick


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        Anyone who is admin can demote themselves.

        There is no reason to make everyone who joins the project an admin or even a co-admin. Most of the members should be just that - members.


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          The problem for me is, I'm admin and I'm being blocked for some reason from using admin privileges, I'm also not even a member of the page because I deleted myself thinking I was deleting my entire membership account, Including my admin one too, But this is not the case, I'm now admin to a site I can't access & I can't even get access to change or delete my own membership, So if someone can tell me how I can do this or how another admin can do this, I'd be really greatfull


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            Can you sign into the GAP?