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Y upgrade part paid by general funds?

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  • Y upgrade part paid by general funds?

    Can I offer to project members a part-subsidy for a Y-DNA upgrade (37 to 67) from general funds?

    If so, how do I actually do this? Do I place the order (which I don't seem to be able to actually be able to do from the GAP pages) or does the project member?

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    They must be in the project for it to work. They must have their address information correct in case a kit has to be sent to them. You must get permission from the project member. It has to be clear so there aren't complaints afterwards. If there are complaints, you will have those emails as proof.

    If they say yes, find them in the project through your GAP account. Try Member Information or any page where you can find their kit. Click on the kit, then add the test to the cart. Click on proceed with checkout. In that window, you will find a checkbox for "Bill me later". This is only seen by admins and is located next to payment method. Check that box. Click on accept the terms and complete the purchase button.

    Now go back to your GAP pages. Go to Project Administration > Unpaid Products. You will see any tests that are not completely paid for there. Through there you can pay for a set amount of what you have in your General Funds.

    After that, let them know they can finish paying for it. They must log onto their kit. Find the Complete Order History link and click on the "Pay Now" link for that test. Done.

    The test will not be batched until it is fully paid.