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Join requests not working correctly

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  • Join requests not working correctly

    I am a new administrator of a surname project. I get a join request and can see it in the GAP software. However are reading the request and accepting the member they do not show up in subgrouping or in project names. Perhaps I am not doing this correctly or perhaps an incorrect setting somewhere? Can anyone help me sort this out?

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    Can you find these members in "Member Information"? If the member does to have Y-DNA STR results, they won't appear in the "Y-DNA Results" pages. Same for mtDNA. Some people only take the Family Finder.


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      They do not appear under members Information even when they do have kits numbers,that is ,they have taken a Y STR test and still do not show up..Thanks for trying though. I sent a request for help to family tree but being around the holidays I do not expect any help soon.


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        Would a few people with STR results join my project to see if it is working properly with the understanding they will be removed after I get it working correctly.? . It is a surname project under "Brunet"
        I would appreciate your help.
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