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  • Email re Family Finder results for member

    I administer a small project intended for known relatives, but open to people who think they might be related (surname in common or whatnot). My known relatives and I get Family Finder matches rather slowly, and I've always been a little sorry that we don't get emails when those come in the way we get emails for my mother's Full Mitochondrial matches.

    Bizarrely, then, I just got an email that one of the almost certainly unrelated (or at least very distantly related) people in my project has a Family Finder match. I took a look at his matches and cannot figure out why FTDNA sent this email. Not only does he have hundreds of matches--and two whole pages of them in just the last 10 days--none of which I've received emails about--but his matches don't include one with today's date, so I can't even tell whether there was something remarkable about this particular match.

    Does anyone know what's going on with this? Is there some setting I don't know about, or...?

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    Family Finder match emails are currently only sent for Close & Immediate matches, so filter his match list for that relation level to see who is the newest match there.

    Match dates are usually off by a couple days because the matching process is run a couple days before the results are pushed out to myFTDNA.



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      Thanks, I wondered if that might be the case but was baffled when I didn't see any new really close matches for him. (The mutable match dates really make me crazy, although less so now that I just download the files from Chromosome Browser and pop them into Genome Mate.)