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Should Admins Promote Use of Ysearch?

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  • Should Admins Promote Use of Ysearch?

    I get the impression that no one really pays much attention to Ysearch. It's hardly ever mentioned in the ISOGG forum or in this Groups Administrators forum. But, it's available for us to use. Problem is, I've not found an easy way to tell which of the 250+ participants in my LONG PROJECT have uploaded their marker alleles to Ysearch. And, it's likely that some of those that have done uploads have not followed-up with additional markers if they later tested additional markers. Is there an easy way for a project admin to identify and notify project participants that have test results that have not been uploaded to the Ysearch database?

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    The Paternal Ancestry display under Member Reports has icons that show if a member has uploaded to YSearch.


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      Thanks so much. It never occurred to me to look there!


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        My wife tried to upload a cousin's results to Y-Search yesterday and kept getting a "System Error" message. I don't remember the exact words.


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          I had that problem about four days ago, trying to upload the new results of my brother-in-law. The message I got (on multiple attempts) was:

          500 - Internal server error.
          There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
          So I gave up, but then I kept playing with the Ysearch Tools and did a surname search (on his name). Was astonished to discover five new Ysearch IDs that I had created with the identical information. Then I had to figure out how to delete four of them. That was easy enough, and I didn't get error messages. There was one benefit: with five randomly generated IDs, I was able to save one that is easy to remember.

          I got the same error message when I tried to contact one of his matches; I have no way of knowing whether the message went through ("it cannot be displayed"), unless the guy answers me. That hasn't happened. Should I send him five messages with the same content? I also don't know if Ysearch still has his current email address; they don't show me a thing. That was by design, but it eliminates the possibility of a helpful "bounce" message.

          My inference is that the search part of Ysearch may be functioning properly, but the input and output sides of its interface with new users (at least) aren't listening to each other.
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            The Paternal Ancestry table doesn't help me. If I export it to a spreadsheet the YSEARCH column is blank. I am thus unable to create a list of project members that have not uploaded their results to


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              If you click the "Ysearch" title at the top of the Paternal Ancestry table, the table will be sorted with everyone who has NOT uploaded to Y-Search listed first, then everyone who HAS uploaded to Y-Search. (If you click the column header again, the order gets reversed.) You can use your mouse to select the table, then copy and paste it to Excel (or your favorite spreadsheet program), and that table will have your Y-Search/No Y-Search project participants segregated. You can create a new column using zeroes and ones (or whatever) to distinguish, then delete the old column. Hopefully this will provide the kind of listing you want.

              -Mark Bunch


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                Ysearch List

                Good thinking!