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Delays in kits reaching FTDNA

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  • Delays in kits reaching FTDNA

    As PA of the Coverdale surname project, I've noticed 4 kits we ordered in December and January have been very slow to be registered in at FTDNA, taking several weeks after members have mailed them. Anybody else having this problem? Is it U.S. mail? Bottleneck at FTDNA?

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    Were they mailed from within the U.S. or another country?

    Kits mailed from within the U.S. can take 1-2 weeks to arrive back at FTDNA.
    Kits mailed from outside the U.S. very often take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive back at FTDNA.

    Also, the sale did generate a very high volume of new kits, so there could be a slight delay in processing received kits, but it shouldn't be weeks. They always try to get received kits processed by Wednesday each week, so that they will make it into the current week's batch.



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      Mailed from within the U.S.


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        I have noticed potentially the same thing. I called yesterday & they confirmed they hadn't received the kits yet... But I have to wonder, if over the last two weeks they've been flooded with say 10,000 kits, they might be overwhelmed in the mail room. Who knows...

        Timothy Peterman


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          A kit mailed from Ohio Sat. Jan 7 missed last week's batching, but did make it into yesterday's batch. So that makes 11 days in transit or in the mail room from this midwest US location.



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            Thanks everyone, for the responses. I'm wondering when to ask for a re-try from FTDNA and the members whose kits haven't arrived. Maybe another couple of weeks.


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              My first kit took so long to get to FTDNA that they sent me another kit. For future kits, I splurged on larger envelopes and priority postage.


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                When I mailed my kit back I used USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery with free delivery confirmation. It cost me about 7 dollars from Maryland to Houston. The kit was received within 2 days. I recommend delivery confirmation to ease your mind.


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                  I don't recall hearing anything about this recently, but there was a period of time when mail was piling up at the Houston Post Office because of insufficient postage. The kit is classified as a "small package," so you need more postage than you would for a flat machinable envelope of the same weight.


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                    I know it doesn't apply to the kits that have already been mailed, but the 1st class postage has just gone up by one cent for the first ounce.


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                      Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
                      I know it doesn't apply to the kits that have already been mailed, but the 1st class postage has just gone up by one cent for the first ounce.
                      The one cent increase is for standard letter envelopes.

                      As Ann just said, kits are considered to be a small package. New postage for FTDNA kits is $1.95 (was $1.71).

                      See the "Packages" section at the bottom of the First Class Mail page:


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                        Thanks. GOOD link. I find it interesting that the "small package" rate is the same up to 3 oz. Anytime I mail anything other than a letter of four pages or less I take it to the post office and have them tell me how much it will cost.

                        I also like the first statement at the top of the page, "First-Class Mail is a fast and affordable service for envelopes and packages weighing up to 13 oz. Delivery is in 3 days or less. It’s perfect for personal correspondence, bills, and light merchandise." Makes me wonder why so many of the kits take more than a week to make the trip to or from Houston.


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                          "Delays" in kits reaching FTDNA

                          I want to thank everyone for all the good ideas. I particularly like the notion of using Priority Mail with tracking. However, to set the record straight, all three of the tardy kits are now registered in to FTDNA. Only one of them, it turns out, was delayed in the holiday mail traffic. The other two were simply not yet mailed by the members. Since I started this topic, I thought I ought to clarify the outcome! FTDNA was gracious enough to send out a second kit to the one gentleman, but it wasn't needed in the end.
                          Paul Coverdale Bartlett


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                            18 days since kit mailed back

                            Next Tuesday I am going to request a second kit for my cousin. He mailed it from the Midwest 18 days ago. I contacted FTDNA and received an answer on Wednesday that they had 250 kits to check in. I'll come back to report on the outcome. I am posting this in case other administrators have this same situation.
                            P.S. I did double check with my cousin that it was mailed on Jan 30.