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Family Tree DNA is doing WHAT??? !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Family Tree DNA is doing WHAT??? !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The night before last, I got e-mails saying that all 37 marker results were in on one of my McKinstry project members.

    Now, this project member is an immediate relative of my brother in law. My brother in law matches the Bucks County McKinstry family with a genetic distance of three moderately fast changing markers.

    The e-mails I get indicate that this distant relative of my brother in law (descended from a different son of the emigrant ancestor) matches the Bucks County McKinstry, but does not match my brother in law (atleast within what I guess is the six degrees of genetic freedom cutoff). I had gone over the line with her, and I'm pretty convinced she has her line right. It's something like from the published genealogy until her grandfather, so hard to have this New England line mixed up with, say, the Bucks County Pennsylvania McKinstry family.

    I go to the project Y DNA results table to view this. This member with the new results does not appear.

    I wait 24 hours, and try again. Still the new member does not appear.

    This afternoon, I called Family Tree DNA. The person who answered checked and said, they did sign the release to allow the results to display in the McKinstry results table. Member's sister, who is managing the page, I guess, also says they did what they had to do to get the results to display. I thought they must have, since some of the e-mails specifically say the two other project members match in FTDNA's database, and if he didn't sign the release his results would not even be in FTDNA's database.

    Customer service person says, the reason why the results don't show in the project Y DNA results table, is that Family Tree DNA is way behind what with updating all that Family Finder data and what not. It will take them atleast a few weeks to get anybody's results to display in project tables.

    WHAT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think so! Has anyone heard such a thing? What in the world do we do about it?!!!


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    More gremlins I expect

    There's a thread over at DNA forums about all the crazy things going on---I have one member who has had results for 6 days---you can see them on his individual page but they do not populate the other pages----dates changing---markers disappearing.....

    I'm not sure what one can do


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      I got an e-mail reply from another customer service person that Family Tree DNA is having IT issues, and they know it.

      It would be nice if anyone at Family Tree DNA who does know what is going on would care enough to share teh truth. I'll write to Bruce Greenspan.



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        Disappearing Results

        We recently saw some results disappear from the Taylor project database, about two dozen of them. One day they were there, a month later they weren't. An inquiry didn't produce an explanation as to the cause, but the results came back again.

        With a large project, this sort of thing is hard to catch unless you're looking closely and keeping your own records to check against. We picked it up mostly because some clusters had shrunk to just one member.


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          On the gap page

          They finally posted this, for which they got a thank you email from me. FTDNA would be smart to post more things here to keep us informed so we aren't overwhelming their customer service folks.

          UPDATE: All Y-DNA reports EXCEPT Y-DNA Unique Haplotypes are done processing and up to date. If you find this information to be inaccurate please contact us using the feedback link.

          ATTN Group Administrators: Recently, a bug was detected in the Y-DNA Unique Haplotypes report. We are currently reprocessing all Y-DNA data. This has caused a delay in all Y-DNA report updates. We expect this to be resolved in the next couple of days, with the EXCEPTION of unique haplotypes. The computation for this report is more extensive and will take a little longer, but hopefully no more than a week. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Please see the known issues page for other open issues.


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            This was posted on a Newbie List

            This was posted yesterday---not sure what it means

            Strange things are going on at Family Tree DNA.

            Now, I've gotten two explanations from customer service. And one from a fellow project manager.

            1. Family Tree DNA won't be posting any Y DNA results to projects for five weeks because they're behind with Family Finder.

            2. Family Tree DNA is having IT issues, and the IT people are well aware of it.

            3. All sorts of material is appearing and disappearing from the project web sites like crazy.


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              Newest Post on Admin Pages

              UPDATE: An additional issue has been identified in the Y-DNA Reports. The process to correct this issue should be completed within the next couple of weeks, with an expected completion date of May 12, 2011.


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                The post on the DNA-newbies list was mine. It was the short version.

                I wrote to Mr. Greenspan, just over a week ago, and he doesn't care either. I never got a response. It is possible I just didn't see it, particuarly if a reply did not come from Mr. Greenspan, but I was carefully watching for it. I wrote back to the customer service person who gave me the alternative explanation, and he definitely didn't respond. It would have come from [email protected] .

                I wish Family Tree DNA's post here were clearer, becasue if we dind't already know what the issue is, I'd never have figured it out from what they said. They don't specifically mention people appearing and disappearing from these projects. It also isn't clear what they mean by unique haplotypes. Aren't they pretty much all unique haplotypes? Or are they referrring to the Y DNA results table?

                But thanks to all of you who responded.



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                  Response from FTDNA

                  I wrote yesterday to FTDNA about members results who have been in for a week but not populating the spreadsheet pages.

                  This is the response:
                  Thank you for your email. There is currently a lag time from when the results are posted to the personal page and when they are added to the GAP. Our IT department is aware of the problem and is working on a solution to the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

                  I just wrote Sunday evening and got this first thing this AM so I think they are trying---at least they know they have a problem....